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Stitching Away

The Studio is finally all set up even though not everything is put away in a neat and tidy spot, it is workable. I'm busy making many poo bag holders and wondering when the heck the service guy will call and tell me my second machine is fixed. The dirty liar told me he would get right on it as I shared with him that I am in the middle of a HUGE project! I think that was May 18th - so much for getting right on it. UGH Maybe I need to enroll in some machine fixing classes? HA! I could do it and I wouldn't have to wait on some lousy tech telling me tall stories.

Anyway... I've added Husky and German Shepherd poo bags. This week I hope to get some smaller breeds done and uploaded. So if you have a pup, share it's photo with us and I will see about making a poo bag for that adorable little fur baby of yours.

Have a great week,


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